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 Looking for an energy efficient pressure fryer that will
save you money in more ways than one? Or maybe you
need a new oil filtering system that will allow you to
eliminate taste transfer, improve food quality, and
reduce oil replacement costs.
For details of these
easy to implement money savers click here.


We have developed a simple way for you to apply
breading to fish, chicken, other seafood and vegetables.
For more information on how you can perk up the
taste buds of your customers click here.

From filters to potato wedgers this section will have
you covered. We offer many food service supplies and
accessories to make your jobs easier and thus more
profitable. Take a look at our supplies area by
clicking here.

    A Brief History of Mies Products.

Mies Products' origin dates back to 1952 with the development of a series of filter machines for cooking oils. These units greatly extend the useful life of cooking oils, reducing replacement costs.

Mies pressure fryers were introduced in 1969 for preparing chicken, potato wedges, and other food products in 10 minutes or less. These units soon became and remain popular in restaurants, convenience stores, and deli's in super markets where quality food product is required in a limited amount of time.

Mies one-step, all purpose breading was added to the company's line of products when a simpler more savory coating was needed for chicken, potato wedges, fish, and other food items for use in pressure frying, open frying, and baking. By adding all the ingredients into the breading mix, no additional handling is necessary. This eliminates the time consuming process of having to marinate or use an egg/milk wash for the breading to adhere to the food product.

Mies pressure fryer systems offer a complete range of equipment and supplies to build a food service profit center. Everything from prepping equipment, pressure fryers, display and holding warmers to carry out cartons is available.

Mies' distributors along with extensive company customer service and marketing expertise enables you to set up a system that provides excellent productivity and profitability.

If you're looking for more from your food service operation contact Mies. We'll help you get started.


We provide a complete line of food service equipment and supplies. For more information please contact us.

Counter-top display warmers
Heated holding cabinets
Breading stations
Landing tables
Potato wedgers
Trays & racks
Carry-out cartons
Supplementary supplies
Filter paper
Filter aid powders
Plastic chicken tubs


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